Shane Lutkin

Emotionalskills founder Shane Lutkin's life was increasingly blighted by anxiety, depression and irritation and eventually he realised that he wanted to change. He could find no meaningful help to ease his all consuming tensions anywhere and struggled for decades.

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Kirsty Haynes
Therapist - Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and east coast area

Kirsty Haynes, who has a degree in counselling and psychotherapy, is our experienced therapist covering Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and the east coast area. Kirsty, who has been personally troubled emotionally was previously held back by not recognising her true self, low self worth, low mood and frustration. Her learned self confidence and self awareness has changed her life. Kirsty helps clients ease their anxiety, depression and stresses in a calm and compassionate way.  

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Shane Lutkin
Therapist - Norwich

Shane, who was hindered by his own issues of depression, irritation and stress has been helping clients lose their anxiety, low mood and frustration and live life to the full with the Emotionalskills model since 2013. He has a masters degree in psychotherapy and created and developed the Emotionalskills programme.

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