Shane Lutkin

Emotionalskills founder Shane Lutkin's life was increasingly blighted by anxiety, depression and irritation and eventually he realised that he wanted to change. He could find no meaningful help to ease his all consuming tensions anywhere and struggled for decades.

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Shane Lutkin
Therapist - Norwich

Shane, who was hindered by his own issues of depression, irritation and stress has been helping clients lose their anxiety, low mood and frustration and live life to the full with the Emotionalskills model since 2013. He has a masters degree in psychotherapy and created and developed the Emotionalskills programme.

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Deanna Joyce
Therapist - Northampton

Degree qualified Deanna has a postgraduate certificate in Systemic Practice and a University Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic and Systemic Therapy. Deanna has worked effectively with all kinds of clients with varied emotional issues. As well as being a therapist she has a teaching qualification which enables her to coach and mentor. 

In her spare time she loves to watch Marvel films with her adult son: "Marvel movies manage to display the vulnerabilities and strengths in 'super heroes' and makes me realise that when we are brave in any situation, we are all ‘super heroes’!"

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Kirsty Haynes
Therapist - Norwich

Kirsty Haynes, who has a degree in counselling and psychotherapy, is our experienced therapist covering Norwich and Great Yarmouth. Kirsty, who has been personally troubled emotionally was previously held back by not recognising her true self, low self worth, low mood and frustration. Her learned self confidence and self awareness has changed her life. Kirsty helps clients ease their anxiety, depression and stresses in a calm and compassionate way.  

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Jill Smith
Accounts, Data and Statistics

Jill has a wealth of experience in Management and Administration having worked in leadership roles within the Education Sector for ten years. She has a Postgraduate Certificate by Work Based Learning and studied for an MA in Educational Leadership prior to starting a family. She is responsible for the monitoring of client accounts, the management of data and statistics, and the development of systems. Jill enjoys reading, dog walking and trampolining. 

Sandeep Cavill
Marketing and Administration

Sandeep has been working in Marketing for over 12 years and has a Chartered Institute of Marketing diploma, and a Law degree. Sandeep manages the execution of the marketing strategy, online and offline, and assists team members with day-to-day administrative tasks. Her interests include attending hot yoga sessions, spending time in the great outdoors, cooking and sampling different varieties of grape!

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