Anti-Bullying Week

This week is anti-bullying week. Bullying can come in all forms; prejudiced bullying of minorities, racial bullying, homophobic bullying, domestic bullying, workplace bullying and school bullying.

 It is my understanding as an experienced therapist who has seen hundreds of clients that bullying in one form or another is very common and is always detrimental to the victim’s mental health. Many of my clients have stories of intimidation, harassment, victimisation and discrimination that have given them emotional suffering. Bullying usually delivers long lasting effects which can taint people’s lives and the way they function in the short and in the long term. Low mood, anxiety, low esteem and post-traumatic stress are all extremely common outcomes.

“When I was bullied as a young teenager, I reacted with anger which turned me into someone who was alien to my true self. I struggled to be myself and was psychologically out of sync for decades. Living this distorted façade brought about stress and irritation, which blighted my life. ”

Easing these burdens are difficult and moving forward is possible if people who have been bullied are brave enough to go and see a therapist. 


By Shane Lutkin, Lead Psychotherapist

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