Blog posts from March 2016

Petulance, hostility and perplexing behaviour seem to be the most usual signs of psychological tension in adolescents and teens. If a deleterious parent or offspring is left unprocessed, inner tension in teens can cause long term, deeply ingrained emotional problems.

How can the two parties navigate this transitional teen phase positively and end up with sanity and relationships intact?

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Love is a strange thing and I believe people don’t usually choose who they fall in love with, but more randomly love chooses couples indiscriminately. Often those who seem to have masses in common fail and the most unlikely couples have enjoyed wonderful lasting relationships.

So what really goes wrong with some relationships?

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In this increasingly confusing and complex world we live in, anxiety is mounting - millions of people are suffering with it.

From time to time most people get anxious. It’s pretty natural to feel apprehensive when facing a testing situation, such as speaking in front of lots of people or taking a driving test or going for a job interview.

However some people have continual stomach churning frights and fears that become overpowering and destroy their daily lives.

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