Blog posts from July 2016

I do not shout... so I cannot be angry!

Because there is misunderstanding, stigma, fear and denunciation attached to the word anger it has, for some become a taboo, offensive or an unmentionable subject. Many people reject that they could be angry. For some people anger does not fit with how they see themselves. Sometimes irritable, frustrated, moody… yes possibly. Angry?… no never.

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Psychological tension is a term I use to cover all emotional problems. This includes anxiety and panic in all of its guises. It covers depression and painful low moods, stresses brought about by relationships and family worries. Anger and frustration are also forms of psychological tension, as is that grating dissatisfaction and unhappiness many of us feel.

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About 20 years or so ago I started to struggle with anxiety and depression. My unhappiness and internal struggles often presented as irritaion and anger.  After another ten years I realised, I wanted and needed to change. What a waste of life. I eventually said to myself, "If I want to be normal and not angry, then I should get a grip, take control and learn some anger management."

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