Feeling Blue

Is today, Monday 15th January, so called ‘Blue Monday’ the most depressing day of the year? Folklore has it that in an attempt to boost sales of winter holidays, a certain holiday company sort of invented it. 

But lets not dismiss the notion of this as a ‘deep depression period’ of the year; it does have some credibility: the days are short, dark and generally cold. People have more illness during winter. More people die during January causing loss, change and grief. After the stresses of Christmas, around this time, many people realise they need to talk to someone. Individuals battle through Christmas because they don’t want to spoil it and then collapse during this month. Especially when then see the unpaid credit card bills.

Basically, the exact day means nothing specifically, or it does in as much as the idea that more people fall in love on Valentine’s Day. It’s probably true, people think more about love on Valentine’s Day as the messages surrounding the concept are all around us – what we read, what we see, what we might overhear others talking about…

“In my professional experience, low mood, anxiety, stress and irritation can hit people at any time. When someone is depressed they don’t necessarily notice that it might be the month of August, 28 degrees and there’s a bright blue sky. ”

If you want to feel better about things the same kind of principles apply as per on any other day of the year. Generally speaking, try and connect with other people, be friendly and sociable - join in. Make an effort to take notice of what is happening around you and be in the moment - in the present. Give time to others and do something for someone other than yourself. Be curious and take up a new skill or learn something new and finally keep active and do something physical, preferably outside.

If you are feeling blue today, or any other day, take some decisive action; if you struggle to help yourself, then talk to someone who can help you. 

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