Female therapist joins Emotionalskills

A warm welcome to Kirsty!

Kirsty Haynes, who has a degree in counselling and psychotherapy, has recently joined the team at Emotionalskills in Norwich. Previously Kirsty was working with MAP, The Matthew Project, in Norwich.

“The Emotionalskills course covers the key issues of emotional problems like depression, anxiety and frustration as well as self development. It helps people to live fulfilling lives,” comments Kirsty. ”

Shane Lutkin, Emotionalskills founder, adds: “Many people prefer to see a female therapist and Kirsty is empathetic, accepting and extremely well qualified. Given her wealth of experience in the therapy field she is the perfect person to help with our clients as they work through resolving their problems.

To book a free initial consultation with Kirsty please call 07986 488690 or email info@emotionalskills.uk

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