When most people are first introduced to meditation, they often have an impression that it’s all a bit ‘touchy feely’, a little ‘airy-fairy’, not their sort of thing. However, countless people have come to learn that meditation can help them feel calmer, more grounded, less anxious, and generally less stressed and low.

“Meditation comes in many forms, but it’s about stepping out of auto pilot and into awareness and getting in touch with that part of you that can relax and be less of a ‘human doing’ and more of a ‘human being’. ”

Standing and staring at a tree, a sunset, clouds or listening to waves or a stream or birdsong can all be deemed as meditative.  

To get the full benefit, it’s probably easier to start with some guided meditation which will give you a heads up.

There are ten tracks on the Emotionalskills website - download and listen to them. Alternatively, there are plenty of great guided meditation recordings on the internet and I’m sure there will be one for you. 

Meditation can be quick and easy - try the twenty metre, twenty second stare. Focus on a specific thing 20 metres away and then count to 20 as in, “one thousand… two thousand… three thousand…and so on until you get to twenty." Allow your mind to clear and focus solely on the specific thing ahead.

Once you’ve got the hang of mindful and meditative breathing you can create your own bespoke forms of meditation. Essentially, meditation is about using a technique, such as mindfulness, to achieve a clear and calm mind.

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