Positive Emotional Attitude

I believe the first step to become more positive, is to become more self-aware and then have a mindful thought process.

Look at your past and think about how you were brought up, how all of those little rules, remarks, learnt behaviours and difficult experiences as a young person may have been impacted on your emotional wellbeing - negatively or positively.

“Explore your feelings; ask yourself, how do I feel and where has that feeling come from?”

Attempt to learn to track and identify your moods, whether these feelings are cognitive or emotional - or both. Try to describe your moods accurately to yourself, and to others, by expanding your expressive vocabulary.

Negative ruminations can be overwhelming and can lead to anxiety, gloom, anger, confusion, and low self-regard - and being emersed in these elements is exhausting.

Conversely, positive contemplations often bring confident constructive thought processes such as happiness, hopefulness, enthusiasm, and creativity into play.

Resist denying or distorting reality. Try reframing your negative thoughts by challenging them: ‘What makes this negative thought or feeling absolutely real, a cast iron fact?’. If your opinion is, “I'll never get this job done properly,” then say to yourself, “Hang on, if I slow down, stay calm and focus, I can get this job done properly.” 

Whenever you have small positive movements or successes, say to yourself, “Well done, I did well.” Always recognise and acknowledge any evidence that you have done well. This is a very gradual and even boringly repetitive process, but eventually, your mind will replace negative habits with positive habits and your body will replace negative feeling with positive feeling.

Having a positive psychological attitude includes consistent effort over a period of time, but eventually you can take control of your thoughts and feelings, choosing positive ways of being that are genuinely beneficial.

Eventually most people can become empowered and negativity can be dealt with positively.

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