Therapy for Hertfordshire

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding the team and will be joined by Debbie Hague, a qualified therapist, in Hertfordshire. She will be helping individuals and couples, ease and manage their anxiety, stress, depression, irritability and anger issues. 

Debbie brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise: 

“Having worked with many troubled clients I can appreciate the tough, unique struggles, that individuals can face. Therapy offers invaluable support and in my 20 years of working in counselling I have worked with a diverse range of clients; from those struggling with drug and alcohol problems, to those needing post natal therapy, as well as helping individuals tackle confidence and self esteem issues.

“Our aim is to help free clients from stress, anxiety, low mood and irritability; to give clients the autonomy to explore, recognise, express and accept their feelings and unburden themselves in a therapeutic environment that is non judgemental and accepting.

“I’m pleased to be able to bring the Emotionalskills therapy method to Knebworth, Hertfordshire,” concludes Debbie.

Shane Lutkin, the lead therapist at Emotionalskills, adds:

“Debbie is a warm, empathic, intelligent person and a wonderful therapist who is well placed to guide people who are suffering with psychological health issues”. 

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