What is psychological tension?

Psychological tension is a term I use to cover all emotional problems. This includes anxiety and panic in all of its guises. It covers depression and painful low moods, stresses brought about by relationships and family worries. Anger and frustration are also forms of psychological tension, as is that grating dissatisfaction and unhappiness many of us feel.

Absolutely anyone can struggle with psychological tension. Many people who have ‘successful’ careers and achieve ‘great things’ can, and do suffer with emotional tension in one form or another.

So what causes this tension?

There are obvious things that cause emotional strain, like someone close to you dying or losing a job or perpetual stress. However emotional tension is also frequently the result of living with a badly fitting assembly of your thoughts and feelings. Your feelings and your thoughts are at odds.

As well as this clash, often your ongoing experiences and upbringing have distorted and denied parts of your true self. How you really want to be has been replaced by what you think you should be. You’ve almost certainly become somebody who's not truly you.

Many people can sense their true selves, off in the distance somewhere, but just can’t behave like their true selves. They are unintentionally living a kind of lie and this can cause internal conflict. It’s like you being a square peg in a round hole.

Can this psychological tension be eased?

The good news is that you do not need to be stuck like this forever, even though it may feel like that right now.

I believe if you can move towards recognising who you really are and then realigning who you actually are with how you truly feel you will lose some or all of your emotional worries.

Each one of us is unique. We are all one-offs… similar, yes, but different. We each have our own exclusive emotional makeup. And we each have our own exclusive emotional issues.

My own experience

In my case, authentic self-awareness empowered me to start moving towards the 'true me' and to think and behave in line with my genuine emotion.

After decades of depression, anxiety and frustration, I eased those grating of gears type sensations. Without wishing to sound far-fetched I gained a sort of natural inner strength; I discovered my natural contented balance. Not perfect… but I’m happy with it.

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