When just doing OK is not great

Lots of people do OK. Their life is OK… acceptable, so why do they feel dissatisfied?

These people that are just doing OK, may have lots of material things and a lovely family so don’t feel they have the right to feel unhappy.

 “I don’t want to complain, because a lot of people are far worse off than I am.”

 “There’s nothing really wrong with my life, but there’s not much right with it either…”

Many often think that this restless sense of dissatisfaction and this sense of lack of achievement they feel is normal.

What dissatisfaction feels like

They are reasonably happy some of the time, but they struggle to find direction, fulfillment and a sense of purpose. They might exist in a state somewhere between dull and deep discontent with a pinch of restlessness and frustration thrown in… but they get on with life irrespective.

Life is ok, but seems mostly meaningless. Many people might persist with this alien lifestyle and they find themselves drifting into a downward spiral.

Some people have half an idea about what they would like, but they cannot step through the door that will make that new, more satisfying life a reality.

How to find a solution

The curse of lifelong dissatisfaction or emptiness can be eased with self-discovery, self-development and personal growth.

Usually, it is not a wholesale change, but more an awareness and acceptance of situations and a different approach… Little tweaks that make big differences.

Everyone is unique, so what might be meaningful to one person may be unimportant to another person. Digging deep and finding out who you truly are and what you genuinely want out of life is often very difficult on your own. People can go round and round and get nowhere.

Life is rarely perfect, but it is possible - a realistic goal - to move closer to feeling and being more satisfied… more fulfilled with a sense of achievement.

You may not think that you have an emotional issue, but it is a skill, an emotional skill to become a fulfilled, happy person. Unearthing your unique contented balance is wonderful. You can exist… or you can live.

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