Who needs Therapy?

Psychological tension is everywhere in today’s demanding, forever fluctuating world. People come to us at Emotionalskills for stress, anxiety, low mood, low esteem, frustration and anger.

Some people can’t find a rewarding way to be and feel life is OK, but fairly empty. These are everyday normal people. Modern day pressures get on top of ordinary people all of the time. Emotional issues effect all ages and all types of individuals. If you think about it you probably know someone who has been troubled in this way or you may have been unsettled yourself.

Obviously large experiences such as relationship breakups, serious illness, losing a livelihood and a loved one’s death usually bring about psychological disruption. Most of us will experience these types of events in our lifetime, but many people have an on-going unhappiness that they cannot fathom out and to which there seems to be no solution.

“Almost 50% of adults consider that, they have had a mental health problem sometime in their lifetime and psychological difficulties in the young are growing alarmingly.”

Around a third of all people with a psychological health difficulty have sought no professional help at all. Most people with emotional issues take ten years to seek help. This reluctance might be because of the stigma accompanying mental ill health or it may be that people just don’t know where to look for help.

My suggestion is to be bold and talk to a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist. Individuals can change and the quicker the first step is taken the sooner positive change can begin, the better chance there is to realise a life where one is at ease with oneself and life in general.

My experience as a psychotherapist is that the great majority of people who seek appropriate help move towards being more relaxed, more balanced and generally contented with their lives.


Shane Lutkin - Lead Therapist

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