Esteem, Dissatisfaction & Life Coaching

Lots of people ‘do OK’, so why can some of us find ourselves feeling so dissatisfied?

Do you have a confusing disgruntlement, struggling with a sense of lacking, feeling uneasy when moving out of your comfort zone, or are you simply, plain discontented and unhappy? 

You may even have lots of material things: a ‘good’ career and a ‘nice’ family. Many, often think that this restless sense of dissatisfaction, this feeling of unhappy non-achievement, is normal. Individuals can undersell themselves, settling for less. In many ways, this can restrict genuine potential by not developing the true self – your true self – and living the life you truly deserve.

Life Coaching

As your life coach and mentor, we can help you combat these unsettling emotions and objectively evaluate aspects of your life. You will be able to recognise, meet and exceed your goals, both professionally and personally. As your sounding board and confidence coach, we offer a source of guidance, support, and motivation, empowering you to turn your life around, enabling you to find the best enthused and energised, you.

Personal Development, Building Self Esteem and Confidence

We can all benefit from personal development; with some help from our therapists you can build upon your skills, become more confident, form richer relationships, learn to be a better communicator, strive for that sought after role at work or feel more fulfilled at home.

You may not think that you have an emotional or psychological issue, but it is a skill, an emotional skill to become a fulfilled, happy person, relating to yourself and to other people in a positive way. 

Talking therapy (talking to a trained therapist to help you deal with negative feelings), mindfulness, self discovery, and changing ingrained damaging habits, are all methods that we use to help reveal a more confident and contented person.

There is no need to suffer the draining dissatisfaction that life can sometimes bring. There is a way to change yourself and your life for the better – it might just take one initial step. It is possible to find or rediscover your mojo; unearthing your unique contented balance is a wonderful thing. You can exist or you can live…

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