Why will it help? The benefits

Specific benefits of change within a person are personal and individual, but imagine a world where you feel grounded and confident about yourself, positive about other people and able to handle tough situations without much stress.

Your family like you, as well as love you

You’re easier to live with and those who love you will really want to spend time with you.

Your family life will become more relaxed and happier.

At last you’ll know who you truly are…

The emotionally tense parts of you are left behind and the 'true you' takes over.

Richer, relaxed relationships

Relationships move from being defensively aggressive or ‘tit for tat’ and become mutually acceptant, stress free and empathic.

You have clarity of mind

Your headspace is less cluttered and you do things because you really want to, rather than because you think you should. It's easier to make meaningful independent decisions.

You get stuff done with less stress

Being more comfortable within yourself means you can deal more easily with everyday pressures. You also cope better in a crisis, finding difficult tasks and tough situations manageable.

You become healthier

There are direct links between physical and emotional good health. With less psychological tension you will probably sleep better and feel more energised. You learn how to live without relying on drink, drugs, excessive food or other unhealthy props.

You are more relaxed with people

You are calmer and more comfortable. Situations and people that made you anxious don't stress you as much. Things that panic you reduce and even fade away.

You stop beating yourself up

You no longer put yourself down or get angry with yourself. Negative thoughts about yourself no longer preoccupy you, distract you or disturb you. The guilt, blame, shame and confusion dissolve.

You are able to get on with life... your life

Situations and people that made you anxious don't stress you as much. You grasp how your mind works. You feel more balanced, grounded and at ease with yourself. You genuinely become your own person.

You find you actually accept and like yourself…

You are happier within yourself and you find life an easier place to be… it may not be perfection, but you're happy with it…

Work becomes easier

You have a better work life. You become more constructively cooperative rather than stressed and anxious. You are more productive and even enjoy it.

You feel less irritable and angry

The differences you see in other people become interesting and not annoying. You no longer see others as wrong, bad, confusing or stupid. You accept and appreciate that others can really give a lot and can make your life fuller.

You open up doors

As you become more flexible and accepting you discover a new world, a new outlook and a richer, fuller life. You open up possibilities rather than shutting them off. The world will offer you more.

You keep hold of the things you love

Many psychologically stressed people lose children, partners, jobs, homes and friends. You are no longer one of those people who miss out and you can enjoy the things you like and be with the people you love.

You live rather than exist

Most people would agree they only have one life. Give yourself the best chance of getting rid of your anxiety, depression, irritation and disatisfaction. Gain a contended and balanced quality in your life.

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