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Diversity and Inclusivity

I consider myself to be a modern person who is categorically not prejudiced or intolerant and thus I include diversity and inclusion in my core beliefs. In my former business life, I created over two thousand years of employment, so I’ve dealt with a lot of people.

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Optimise Your Emotional Wellbeing

I am relatively satisfied with my body; yes, I’d probably alter it if I could but I’m acceptant that I’ve got what I’ve got. After all I’m stuck with what I’ve got, and my body is OK, and OK is good enough for me. I’m keen to stay in shape and yes, to a degree, I do care what I look like, but my body does not define me.

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Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

It’s knowing one’s own emotions… deeply knowing one’s own emotions… having a distortion free and rich self-awareness. My professional experience suggests that many people are not deeply self-aware, and I cannot over emphasise the importance of self-awareness and understanding your own personal distinctive self.

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Change Your Habits.

If you ask most people if they are a creature of habit, many will say, “Yes”, but some will say, “Absolutely not.” These “Absolutely not.” people are not deliberately telling an untruth, but research (Wood. W. 2019) has shown that neurologically we all have habits, and we all use them all the time, intentionally and below our awareness. 

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It’s possible that if you’ve never faced some difficulty, you may not have become psychologically resilient. Some of is find the world a more difficult place to negotiate than others. The issue is, can we deal with difficulties in a composed way that doesn’t disrupt our psychological balance. I call this state fluidity. Fluidity is a combination of possessing resilience, and equanimity. 

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