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Cognitive intelligence or IQ is not simply book learning, a specific educational ability or having a good memory. It is a wide-ranging intellectual or cerebral proficiency that involves the capacity to reason, organise, explain complicated situations, think abstractly, understand intricate thoughts, absorb information rapidly and acquire wisdom via experience.

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I like most styles of music, varying from Marilyn Manson to Mozart, from Massive Attack to Moby. Apparently, Manson elicits doom-laden thoughts and Mozart educes cognitive lucidity. I think the link between music and mood is subjective. Certainly my Sunday morning playlist is different from my gym playlist… one is wandering and one is compelling; well to me anyway.  

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Most of us have experienced blushing at some point in our lives. Whilst it can be a bit embarrassing and inconvenient, it is not usually a cause for concern.

However, for those who have frequent and severe blushing, it can have a significant psychological impact on day to day life whereby individuals end up feeling that they have to avoid certain situations.

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