We work with all sorts of people... all unique individuals.

At Emotionalskills we work with people who are struggling with emotional tension of some sort or the other, whether it is anxiety, depression, frustration or unhappiness. This includes men, women, teenagers, parents, older people and stressed couples.

Life as a busy adult can be all pressure, worry and angst where enjoyable, relaxed satisfaction seems a long way away.

Teenagers have neurological and hormonal issues on top of the everyday stresses and sometimes families get deep into a life of strain, upset and bewilderment.

Many older people think they are too old to change… stuck in their ways… older people can struggle to have a richer, more rewarding life.

Many couples can’t stop finding fault, arguing and feeling distant when they really want something closer to mutual empathy and support.

Most of the people mentioned above would have experienced the draining dissatisfaction that life can sometimes bring, but these people can realise an easier, happier and more fulfilling life.

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